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Wedding Season

We Indians love marriages, irrespective of our age, religion, or place. For us, Indian weddings are no less than any festival.

The most important part is Bride’s look. We have to make her look and feel special on her big day. On her wedding day, she wants everything to be perfect. From her hair to her mehendi, everything should feel like it was made for her. So, here are a few things that every bride should have for her wedding day.

Paithani: Paithani needs no introduction. Paithani is a classic example of Maharashtra’s rich tradition. From traditional Paithani with Peacock Pallu to Paithani with vibrant colours and different designs and patterns, Paithani has made its way to the hearts of Indian brides.

Paithani Shela: Shela is an important yet ignored part of every bride’s look. Most brides invest time in choosing the best Saree for their big day. But does not pay attention to Shela which compliments the whole look of the saree. At Swapnagandha Collection, you can find Shelas with different colours, patterns, and designs. You can always visit the Swapnagandha store to get the best Shela for your wedding.

Paithani Batwa: Brides have more to carry than just emotions. Smartphones, extra safety pins, hair clips, tissue papers. So, to take all this stuff she needs to have a matching bag for her outfit where she can keep all of her necessities. The Paithani Batwa can be an excellent choice for every bride, Bride can choose a matching Batwa for her Saree.

Oti Pishwi: Oti Pishwi is one of the unique products Swapnagandha owns. This is the product every bride must have. In Indian rituals, we have a tradition to give a bride rice and supaari with some fruits. With the heavy costume and jewellry, it becomes difficult for the bride to carry all of it. Oti Pishwi can be a problem solver. It is available in different colours as well as in different designs.

Challa: With all the traditional look, Paithani Challa is our newly launched product. It’s a minimal yet attractive piece of a bride’s look. We have Paithani Challa with different designs and unique artwork.

Do visit the Swapnagandha Collection before your big day. We have an amazing collection for you.

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