Womens Day

The Women’s Day Fiesta

“A woman’s face, with Nature’s own hand painted, hast thou, the master mistress of my passion,” quoted William Shakespeare in Sonnet. A woman is no less than a blessing of nature and far more than just a person. She is a symbol of strength, courage, love, empathy and everything in between. And we at Swapnagandha Collection aim to add another layer of confidence in the form of fashion, that suits you!

As 2021 shines a new ray of hope on to us, we celebrate the life and indeed, International Women’s Day 2021 with a more courageous outlook and hold our hands high as we ‘Choose To Challenge’ the stereotypes, the bias and the negatives of the society. Fashion, in the same way, has been associated with many aspects of a woman’s life and we stand strong with the women who lead it with a modern look and the one’s who rock it in the traditional! The way you dress doesn’t define who you are but the style definitely makes a statement!

Swapnagandha decorates arrays of the collection that suit you and your lifestyle. Be it a graceful Saree or an elegant Pure Silk Paithani Dupatta, each piece is made with the intention to be as beautiful as you are. With Swapnagandha, your entire day’s attire is sorted. While you rush to your office for the corporate meeting, you put on a nice Kurti and pair it with our Silk Paithani Dupattas. There, you pull out a notebook which is not so ordinary. Your ideas are stored in a Paithani Notebook which adapts to your style and surroundings. Later, you have a function to attend with your family. So when you get home, a magnificent Silk Saree awaits you in your cupboard. You put on the exclusive jewellery for traditional wear from Swapnagandha Collection and walk out of the room. With that Saree, you hold a Paithani Purse and stuff your essentials in it. What about the gift for your relative? You got a Paithani Dress Material too for your loved ones! See? We told you. We will take care of your dress while you focus on everything that is important to you!

Being a woman is an experience so different. Every day is new in every single way. As you have your very own adventures lined up, we love to be a part of your day and offer comfort as you progress. The easy wear and manageable clothes ensure that you run your tasks without any hassle. We know that womanhood is an extravagantly vigorous yet cheery lifestyle. We house fashion for women as each lady is special. Your bright smile goes well with a range of our colours available in every style. Be it vibrant reds or subtle greys, we assure you that you will find your likes and types of ethnic fashion under one roof.

This Women’s Day, rejoice in being you! Find your fits and choose your faves on www.swapnagandhacollection.com or walk in our store and fill your bag with all you like at Prabhat Road Lane No.- 15, near Deccan Gymkhana. We also ship a token of love to your main women who reside beyond your geographical boundaries. Fashion has no limits, why should you?!

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