The Must Have Trendy Handbag Collection

“First impressions are final impressions.” The first impression leaves an imprint on the minds of people. It drops hints of the elegance, sophistication and confidence you carry. For people like you, who love to make the best of themselves, we introduce a stylish Purse collection! The trendy Paithani Purses are not only beautiful pieces to watch but also perfect matches for everyday and party use!

Traditional Purses from Swapnagandha are inspired by the rich Paithani Tradition that Maharashtra follows. Highlighting the ancient rituals but also keeping up with the contemporary period, these purses are a fashion statement. The purse comes with compartments, spacious designs on the insides while the outsides are decorated with detailed and intricate designs.

A range of small traditional purses hangs on to you gracefully while you enjoy being the person you are. Designed for ethnic purposes, the purses turn out to be a perfect match for all the occasions. They happily accommodate your mobile phones and all the things that are handy so you can be carefree and enjoy your day! The Paithani Sling Bag is simply a cherry on the top for all your attire!

Sizing it up a bit, we host a glamorous collection of Paithani Bags which are compact but also spacious enough to carry your essentials in! To give you an example, Covid-19 seems to stay with us for longer than we expected. Sanitisers and masks have turned into basic necessities now. While you step out, you don’t need to look out for sanitiser dispensers anymore. The bag can house it all for you! It comes with compartments secured by chains so if you keep your keys inside, they’ll stay safe! The look of the bag is designed to complement your traditional attire day and the traditional Paithani handbag goes best with it!

Next up in the queue is our fresh new collection of box Paithani sling bags. Be it a regular Kurti, top and jeans, Saree, or anything at all, this bag is a must-have for sure. Every wardrobe must own this special Paithani Purse. What makes it so good is the fact that this one looks great with whatever you pair it with. The fancy design adapts to all the outfits. Again, loaded with compartments and in-talks flap design, the bag is big enough to take your basics around while being super fashionable.

Not just all this, we also have handpicked the best of clutches, varieties of slings, and a designer collection of Paithani purses too! Available in abundant colours, designs, patterns and styles, Swapnagandha Collection owns it all! Virtually, you can locate our store at or map us in Pune. we ship internationally and across India too. This is the perfect time to choose the bag you love! Why wait when all the varieties in Swapnagandha you can get!

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