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The Graceful Gudi Padwa

Welcoming the year of hopes,
Putting on a bright shade.
Decorating self and life,
Starting a happy year ahead!
Gudi Padwa it is! The Marathi New Year.

Let’s make a list of all the things we are celebrating today-

The golden harvest of farmers
A fresh new year
Shrikhand Puri lunch
Shopping Time!

Emphasizing the last point, a shopping spree runs in our veins when Gudi Padwa is near. Why not celebrate the entrance of Maharashtrian New Year with Maharashtrian attire? We are all set to fill our bags with heaps of clothes and jewellery to adorn for the rest of the year, choose Swapnagandha Collection as your go-to store this time!

Swapnagandha Collection is a one-stop-shop covering all your needs and wants related to fashion- be it traditional or ethnic. What adds a boost to the festive mood is the FLAT 25% OFF on the purchase of Pure Silk Paithanis! Using the code ‘PADWA25,’ you can gift yourself a lovely discount.

Swapnagandha Collection is a Paithani Store in Pune, that hosts a wide range of products made from Paithani. Right from Purses and Batwas to Sarees and their varieties, Swapnagandha has it all! The offer is especially valid on Pure Silk Paithanis as we house an exclusive Paithani Collection in Pune. With a wide variety of colours to choose from, bring home a Paithani that suits you the best. From subtle colours to vibrant beauties, pick any you like and avail yourself a discount of 25% on it.

Paithani Sarees are tagged as the ‘Queen of Sarees’ in Maharashtra. The history reserved the royal Paithanis only for the royal queens. Paithani was an ornament worn by the royalties. But in the contemporary days, each woman is a queen in her very own way and to complement the queen, a royal Paithani is a must! Just like the colours, we offer you a wide range of patterns. Every design is a detailed and intricate affair of the skill of the weaver and elegance of the silk. The Paithani is characterised by a delicate relation between floral and peacock-inspired motifs. We at Swapnagandha have stacks of Authentic Paithani Sarees with beautiful designs.

The Maharashtrian New Year is here and it’s the perfect time for gearing up and setting a benchmark for goodness. This Gudi Padwa, shop with Swapnagandha Collection and commence the year with a heartfelt note! Avail 25% off on Pure Silk Paithani Sarees only at Swapnagandha Collection, Pune!

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