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Paithani Ideas For This Diwali To Make You A Gorgeous Show Stopper !

This has developed in the minds of Swapngandha team of designers a keen aesthetic insight intoPaithani, its reach in the modern woman’s heart today! That’s why they have a collection specially designed for the festive mood of the Indian, Maharashtrian woman. Now the added feature is Paithani Kurtis, Maxis, Skirts, Shela, Crop Top and Skirts, Paithani Saree.

The theme for this season around Paithani is exploring many more possibilities. Along with this collection, there is an elegant range of Paithani- fabric purses, bags. And more for the executive woman, there are elegant, colorful Notebooks made from Paithani covering. – now purses, bags are made from the fabric- they quite deserve a second look considering their grace.

Well, finally Paithani fabric is used for Men’s kurta, feta, also- it gives a royal look. So be all set to flaunt the Paithani theme this Diwali !

The Paithani is supposed to be the queen of sarees. It’s every woman’s dream to own one, wear one on special ceremonial occasions. Paithani is a favorite of women even in the digital, modern age- at the festive occasions, marriage, and Diwali. The graceful look of Paithani is uncomparable to any saree.

Originally Paithani is 9yard in length. It is available today. However now mainly the Paithani has evolved into 6yard saree- available in semi silk, pure silk, Kanjivaram variety.

It is made in two varieties – traditional and the other is brocade. The design of the pallu is given special focus. Traditional pallu is up to 28 inches, brocade can be 40 inches. It comes in vegetable dyes which are specially made for its warp and weft. The colors are scarlet, crimson, purple, peacock blue, turmeric yellow.

Paithani motifs are inspired by nature and ornamental forms- peacock,’koiyri’, heart shape, lotus flower, and such forms are used for Paithani design.

Every woman wants to enhance her beauty- which every woman has! A sensible woman knows the secret to make it, celebrate it- get appreciated for it!

Of course, the secret combines not just outer beauty and style. Only looks don’t invite the second look- It is the Attitude, Aesthetics, Attire- the three things that together elevate the poise and the beauty of a woman to a poetic charm- the effect in totality.

When it comes to attire then the Paithani gets the highest preference.

Indian ancient tradition had 16 shringars- ways of graceful makeup of women for ceremonial/festive occasions. They are – bindi, sindoor, aarsi with kundan work,kaajal,nath , karn phool,bangles, necklace, kamarbandh, bajubandh[ Gold ornamets], payal, bichuva, hairstyle, flowers gajara, fragrance, mehandi. The paithani tops it all.

Swapngandha collections won the heart of art-loving choosy women in Pune, India and abroad. They also organize exhibitions of Paithanis, and its variants, Purses, Clutches, Notebook in places in major places in India and abroad in cities like Dubai.

Have a look at and we are sure you will add your favorite color Pathani and accessories to the cart- as the countdown for Diwali celebrations has already begun !

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