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Online Shopping Made Safer With Swapnagandha

Swiping and scrolling is the trend right now. We are creating our own world online and the offline world seems unsafe right now. Safety is indeed everyone’s top priority. But does this lock down force us to turn down our plans? What about the occasional shopping sprees? It’s necessary, no? Sometimes, we all sit back and wonder, “What if corona never happened?” Well, we don’t know how to answer that but we definitely know that our closets have filled either way!

Yes, we are talking about staying indoors but getting the best and safest from the outdoors! How? Swapnagandha! A one-stop shop for all your fashion needs. Be it the birthday of your special one or making yourself feel special, Swapnagandha is up for dressing you with smiles in tough times like these. Abiding by the rules, we have physically taken down the shutter of our store but our services are getting delivered all over the country and even beyond!

Our merch is live on our website for you. When you scroll and swipe on the tabs, you will come across vibrant colours and varied options. Chose the one you like, add to your cart and our genies will bring it to your doorstep! We ensure that all the safety protocols are followed while packing your order. Our hands are sanitised and minimal contact is assured. We care for our Swapnagandha family. As you bring home Swapnagandha’s goodies, we send to you a part of our heart too. So whatever steps out from our store oughts to be good.

We focus on Paithani products for gifting, Paithani products for occasions, and everything Paithani, to be precise. Now, we have also introduced a superb collection of Ikat Fabrics. See? We told you, even though you’re indoors, we are getting you all the goody-goods from the outdoors! We are on the verge of crossing summers and welcoming the rains. Ikat fabrics can make this weird transition bearable. Check out the collection of Ikat Fabric Materials here.

We also have restocked with a fresh collection of Paithani Sarees, Paithani Purses, Paithani Sling Bags, Paithani Notebooks and other Paithani items. In this lockdown, and the one before that, and its prequel, we shipped hundreds of orders across the sea and within our country too. Fashion is an evergreen field and we aim at providing every woman with the elegance she deserves.

The lockdown spans are testing our patience. And in such times, we thank all our customers for showering love and trusting us with their orders. We promise to provide you with top quality products, packed with utmost hygiene. Stay safe and stay happy!

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