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Paithani is nothing but a royal affair, a precious treasure, and a loved attire. The saree’s designs, motifs and exclusiveness make it an elegant indigenous outfit. Now, what we at Swapnagandha Collection thought was why should ‘only women’ flaunt this fit? Their little ones should be welcomed in the best possible way right? Yes, we are bringing in our cutesy collection of Balantvida- having beautiful and adorable apparel sets for the newest members of the family!

In Maharashtra, we usually have a warm, enthusiastic and joyous welcome for babies, followed by different rituals. The baby is our ‘Utsav Murti’ in such scenarios and it should be the one to shine the brightest, shouldn’t it? Swapnagandha Collection happily introduces a wide range of Paithani-themed Balantvida. With beautiful designs and motifs on the outside, the insides of all our products made for babies are coated with soft and gentle clothing.

‘Balantvida’ derives from two independent words- ‘Balantin’ and ‘Vida’. The word ‘Balantin’ refers to someone who has recently birthed a baby, and ‘Vida’ means a betel leaf. The history of our rich culture has stories to tell. Traditionally, the mother, mother-in-law, aunts, and other women used to offer clothes to the newborn, and these clothes were gently wrapped and packed, having a rolled betel leaf on the top of them. To add more of a special personal touch to it, the baby was kept on a betel leaf made of fabric, or a betel leaf was knitted or crocheted by the near and dear ones of the baby.

A Balantvida typically consisted of a Jhabla (a sleeveless topwear), Topda (a tiny cap with strings), Chuaghada (a little quilt made by folding a saree four times), Kunchi (a cap with a long cloth attached at the back) and a Langot (a nappy with strings). Along with this, knitted frocks and sweaters were also gifted.

The presence of Balantvida during events like ‘Barse’ or naming ceremony has been significant. The gifts which were crafted by the family of the new parents are now easily available in the market. Swapnagandha Collection just adds uniqueness to it! Our sets of Balantvidas have Kunchi, Topda, Chaughada and Jhabla, all made of rich and pure Paithani. They make a great set for gifting a loved one or simply getting it for your child. Our Balantvidas have gorgeous matching apparel and accessory sets, available in multiple colours and patterns.

Balantvida is an important part of our traditions, our culture. To keep the traditions alive in the most beautiful way is the job of Swapnagandha Collection. This baby wear is an indicator of love, newness, care and a call for celebration. Get only the best, choose Swapnagandha Collection!

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