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Memories Wrapped In Ethnicity

Memories are a beautiful part of your life. Some people like to capture it in pictures while the others are a fan of penning down their thoughts in a diary or a journal. In this blog, we would be talking about the latter.

We all love Paithanis, don’t we? This gorgeous fabric is like a magically-woven poem using silk and gold threads and has a great legacy. Paithani is highly popular not only in Maharashtra but also in the entire country and the world. At Swapnagandha, being one of the best online Paithani stores in Pune, India, this ageless Pathaini is our essence. We have an array of various things where we have used Paithani, be it sarees, Paithani hand purses or Paithani notebooks. In this blog, we are going to talk about some amazing Paithani notebooks which will be perfect for journaling.

Journaling, the practice of letting your thoughts flow from your mind to the paper through your pen is solace. Journaling aligns your thoughts and gives you an overview of your ongoing life and thus it eventually helps you in organizing the events or thoughts and sorting things out. It is also therapeutic while it highly reduces stress as expressing yourself in your diary or notebook has many perks. It’s almost like talking to your best friend without inhibitions. You can be you without having to worry about judgements. And well, who doesn’t love to look back at memories that they have jotted down.

Here are few beautiful Paithani notebooks at Swapnagandha that the stationery lover in you would absolutely adore and love.

     1.The Royal Black And Blue

The unique combination of black and blue can never go wrong. This beautiful notebook utilizes the combination in a quirky way. The gorgeous blue Jari border just adds to the charm. This one would look super pretty whether you want to scribble in a coffee shop or in the comfort of nature!

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     2.The Classic Gold And Red

Are you in love with everything gold? If yes, then this one is especially for you. The colour gold makes the lovely Paithani texture even more aesthetic. To add to the charm, we have a pretty red Jari border on it. You can mix and match it with your outfits as well.

Make this lovely Paithani gold notebook with a red jari border all yours by buying it here.

    3.The One Adorning the Peacock Design

Peacock has been a symbol of royalty, beauty, pride and wealth since ancient times. The kings and queens loved the peacock motif on their clothes and accessories. It has been depicted in various ways. This lovely red Paithani notebook has the famous peacock design for the royalty in you.

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    4.A Pop Of Yellow

Yellow is the colour of positivity, happiness and rejuvenation. If you ever want to add a pop of colour to your look, Yellow can never fail to fulfil the purpose, be it a yellow handbag or even a yellow journal/notebook. This fresh yellow coloured Paithani notebook is all you will need. The striking black strip border just adds to the look!

Christmas celebrates the joy of giving and there is so much you can convey with thoughtful gifts like paithani notebook for your loved ones and friends. Wrap your memories in these Paithani notebooks and when you visit them again, you will have a beautiful nostalgia! You can check more such notebooks here –

At Swapnagandha we also make spectacular and attractive Paithani hand purses, Paithani Sarees and Jackets. For us, it’s all about the love for this magical fabric!

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