Makar Sankranti

Makar Sankranti

Makar Sankranti is one of the auspicious festivals of our Hindu tradition. All over India, this festival is famous for Kite festivals. On this day, we uniquely celebrate by flying colorful kites in the sky. But Makar Sankrant also calls for mouth-watering sweets known as Til-Gul made with jaggery, sesame seeds, and grounded dry coconut. In Maharashtra, one ritual is to distribute utility gifts on this day.

Let’s see what you can gift your friends from Swapnagandha Collection:


Everyone needs Keychains and everyone uses them to secure their keys. There are many Keychains available in the market. But what makes Swapnagandha Key chains different from others is that these are made with Paithani and are hand designed. You can gift these Keychains to your friends, so your friend can think about them every time she looks at her keys.


Every woman more or less uses make-up products. When we attend family gatherings, functions or traditional parties we always need something to put on our lipstick and compact box. Paithani Pouches from Swapnagandha can be a lifesaver at these functions. Your friends can use this pouch on many occasions to keep lipstick, nail paints, keys and obviously some money.

Sling Bag

Sling Bags are the new trend that goes with every festive and day-to-day look. Be it a Diwali party or baby shower your friends can flaunt sling bags with Paithani Border everywhere. These Paithani Sling bags are a combination of traditional and modern work.

Mobile Pouch

Paithani Mobile Pouches from Swapnagandha Collection are beautiful and handy. These can be used with sarees or traditional dresses to keep your smartphones safe in a smart way. Paithani Mobile Pouches has elegant peacock designs available in different colors.

Fridge Magnet

If you are looking for something different than usual to gift then you can give them Paithani Fridge Magnets. Swapnagandha Paithani Fridge Magnets has a notepad to record your schedule. The Fridge Magnets are available in unique color combinations and patterns.

So, pick out your choice of product from the Swapnagandha Collection and impress your friends with the best one.

Til-Gul ghya, goad goad bolaa!

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