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Innovation With Traditions- Paithani Fridge Magnet

Paithani is the mesmerizing weave that binds the rich Maharashtrian culture, the traditions, and the royalty in its hand-woven Zari and exquisite Pallu. The same Paithani has been adorned from the Satavahana Dynasty and ever since it has been looked upon as the epitome of the word ‘royal’. This age-old art that has been gifted to us by our ancestors is now being taken care of at Swapnagandha Collections.

Swapnagandha Collections is a leading Paithani shop in Pune and is known for providing the best Paithani Sarees in Pune as well. At Swapnagandha, innovation walks hand in hand with traditions. We try our best to incorporate little bits of traditions into our daily lives by introducing unique Paithani products that act as Paithani home decor or great Paithani gifts.

Launching Swapnagandha Collections’ newest member- Paithani Fridge Magnet! A delight to look at while being a handy tool for each and every resident of the house. This little member can stick to the fridge or any metal cupboard. It flaunts bright colours and fulfills its purpose distinctively. Beautiful and intricate Zari is patched on the front of the magnet while the backdrop of contrasting colours adds peppiness to the piece

With this, we provide a notepad good enough to fit in the magnet’s pouch and a pen that sits in this majestic piece. The idea of presenting Swapnagandha’s Paithani Magnet popped when there were 100 things around for jotting stuff down but none was handy. While cooking, why rush to the notepad lying on the table when one can fetch the pen and scribble on the notepad that’s available right on the fridge! The mini notepad is perfect for noting down the emergency or important things and also, it stays the forever too! The notebook’s pages got exhausted? No worries. One can head to any stationery store and get a fresh new notebook for the magnet. The good part is that this beautiful element made of Paithani will never have an expiry date. The cloth used is of apex quality and will never fade, the notebooks can be changed and so can be the pen.

Paithani Fridge Magnets are the newest addition to the Swapnagandha family and undoubtedly, they’ll steal all the limelight when they’re hooked on in your living room and kitchen! These beautiful pieces of house decor don’t only add peppiness to the place but also are incredibly useful! Pack these little members in any gift you are planning to send out, and it’ll make a great New Year gift for your loved ones. They are available in vivid colour options- Silver Paithani Zari, Golden Paithani Zari with contrasting colours, and all this with classy designs all over it. These magnets are the perfect blend of innovation and tradition!

Find this and many such unique gifting items at Swapnagandha Collections. We are located at Nagnath Par, Pune and you can step in to find a wide variety of Paithani products like Paithani Diaries, Paithani Rangolis, Paithani Keychains, Paithani Purses, and a lot more. Look out for our online shop at and grab the exciting offers you see there! Visit Swapnagandha Collections, visit the world of traditional innovations!


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