Flaunting The Paithani Dupatta

In this modern world, sticking to traditions and still keeping up with trendy styles is a hard thing. Especially if you’re a woman, your eye grabs the tiniest details in chores, work and even the attires. And because you’re a woman, you seek perfection in everything. When it comes to looks, you ensure that you look as good as the work. So if everything you do marks the highest level of perfection, we at Swapnagandha add colours to your canvas with our ritzy range of Colourful Paithani Dupattas!

Paithani Dupattas are walking down the aisle of fashion as a newbie but woah, do they make an entrance! These stylish dupattas are engraved with delicate patterns that pep you up to go to an occasion, be it a fancy corporate event or a homely family get-together. Being very easy to carry and handle, Paithani Dupattas have arisen as a favourite of women. They hold the traditions close while binding with modernism. The best part is that they can be paired up with anything. Pinning the Pure Silk Paithani Dupatta to your daily solid coloured Kurta adds life to the attire and makes you stand out. Rich texture and classic prints glam up the scenario!

Prints. The details are stitched within these prints and we don’t want to miss out on the peculiar characteristics of them. The time-honoured styles like that of the Peacocks, their feathers, the leaves, the floral and many such graceful elements are weaved on to the Zari as well as Kaath of the dupatta. The Kaath holds the peacock and incorporates within itself some beautiful traditional patterns. The broad Kaath of the elegant Paithani Dupatta stands bright as an attraction. The ‘Butte’ on the body of the dupatta stay close to the ancestral style. Indian traditional outfit is an elegant affair and Paithani Dupatta is a vibrant part of it.

This piece of fashion can be paired with a Kurti and leggings or Kurti and Patiala for a rich look. As long gowns are in talks, pairing a heavy Dupatta makes the gown even more beautiful. Swapnagandha’s wide collection of the Paithani Dupattas offers a trove of colours to select from. A lavish combination of shades like black and red, blue and red, cream and pink, pink and golden and the timeless green, mango and red turn out to be perfect options to pair with numerous outfits. These Maharashtrian Pure Silk Paithani Dupattas symbolize elegance and luxury.

Finding such a piece of cloth is a delight and just for you, Swapnagandha Collection stands as a bridge between traditional and modern times. Find this exquisite material at our store at Lane Number 15, Prabhat Road near Deccan, Pune. Or click on our website and head to the Paithani Dupatta tab to grab yours now. We deliver pan India and across the world too. Find accessories to pair with your favourite Paithani Dupatta and dress outfit at our store itself. Rush! Look out for your favourite colour and make it yours!

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