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Dress With Grace, This Vat Savitri Puja With Our Paithani Collection.

VatSavitri Puja is a true testament of woman’s love for her husband, by standing her ground in front of entities as strong as death, Savitri cemented her dedication and her true love for her husband. This tradition is followed by all married women where they fast for their husband’s well-being and livelihood. This is a truly graceful tradition where the ethereal beauty and pure heart of a woman is seen.

Such an auspicious and graceful festival requires an equally beautiful and elegant dress. The Paithani Saree is known throughout history for the gravitas, honour and legacy it embodies. A paithani sari embraces the purity and harmony of the festival’s thoughtful importance. Our paithani collection is finely crafted to join this elegant tradition with only the best preparation put into it. Made with only the finest silk, our paithani collection is made with care only to meet such an auspicious event. The festival exudes its profound train of thought with even its name; Vat being the Sanskrit name for Banyan tree which already holds an extremely deep meaning for Indians. The root symbolises Lord Brahma, the stem represents lord Vishnu and the trunk is lord Shiva. This symbolism is meant to represent the annual marriage of earth and nature in the form of Satyavan and Savitri. It is like the Earth dies every year and is rejuvenated by the powers of the nature. Wearing a finely stitched paithani on such a profound day would put your beauty and elegance on a pedestal. Indians pride themselves on their traditions and festivals, with each festival comes a specific culture that thrives on it, our traditions go a long way in cultivating and curating our culture which is a testament to our way of life. Wearing a paithani will help each and every married woman embody the love and devotion Savitri had for her husband. Just like the love which brought back savitri’s husband, Paithani’s are a complex attire, woven with extreme care and precision, curated to portray beauty in its purest form. Portraying complex artwork in every dimension of its tapestry, it exudes class, elegance and stature all things resemblance of sheer courage and devotion Savitri possessed for her husband.

Swapnagandha Collection with our unique and modern designs helps you stand out of the crowd and radiate your sheer beauty. Online Paithani Store Swapnagandha collection offers a wide array of choices to fit everyone’s sense of style. The clothing and accessories are specially curated to provide customers while never compromising on quality. Paithani’s at Swapnagandha are made with the customer’s satisfaction as it utmost priority. With Swapnagandha Collections, it’s easy to look stunning on this Vat Savitri Puja.

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