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Paithani – a word that has epitomised its unique style and tradition since ages. This hand-woven silk wonder from Paithani adds to the beauty of every woman wearing it. The gorgeousness is directly proportional to the tremendous amount of work put forth in making this beautiful clothing item. Paithani designs are an intricate part of Maharashtrian heritage and tradition. They have a special place in the history of this state.


When we say the word Paithani, the first image that comes in front of our eyes is that of a Saree but do you know Paithani designs can also be used to make many accessories. Be it a simple clutch, or a box or a handbag, with the elegance of the Paithani designs, it transforms into a beautiful piece of fashion. Apart from just completing the look, it also forms a better first impression on the onlookers. As they say… ‘The first impression is the last!’

Designer Paithani Hand Purses

Paithani hand purses are just as elegant and trendy as the Paithani itself. Whether it is a special occasion or a party, you can pair this hand purse with any dress and complete the whole look in a stylish manner.

Take a look at some of these hand purses you would absolutely love from one of the best online Paithani store in Pune, India.

The Blue Royalty

This beautiful Paithani box pattern purse will add the essential pop of colour to your outfit. You can adorn it with a lovely saree or an elegant Kurti.

The Potli Bag You Will Love

If you thought the Potli bags were out of fashion then you are so wrong. They are very much in and are even making a fashion statement. Usually our traditional outfits lack pockets but with this bag, you won’t need them. All you have to do is just wear it in your hands like a long bangle and you are good to go!

The Jari Pattern Hand Purse

Jari pattern can never fail to make a fashion statement. Here are many colourful options of the Paithani Hand Purses with Jari pattern.

The Stylish Mobile Pouch

When you are adorning a desi look, carrying your mobile phone around is a tough job, as our traditional dresses do not have pockets. Get an amazing combo of fashion and great utility with this Mobile pouch which surely is a stylish option to store your mobile.

Swapnagandha Collections

All these beautiful designs are from this amazing online Paithani store in Pune. It offers many stylish options for Paithani clothing and accessories for every woman. It caters to the unique dressing sense of everyone. If you want a creative wardrobe which adorns beautiful Paithani pieces then Swapnagandha is the store for you. Besides that, they provide great customer service and process your orders faster.

With new arrivals updated weekly, you can find what matches your style; especially the accessories. Paithani is something that gives a sense of royalty to the ensemble. Be it a saree or a Designer Paithani Purse, it fits all occasions. With Swapnagandha’s wide range of Designer Paithani Purses, you can find your match and complete that look you have been waiting for.

Visit Swapnagandha’s website and browse from all the Designer Paithani Purses now.

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