Womens Day

Celebrating The Spirit Of An Achiever Women’s Day!

Swapnagandha collection, an online Paithani store celebrates, felicitates and supports the day- and the spirit of every achiever woman in all walks of professions, life.

The achiever women today have transcended the limits

Look around women all over. Over the span, women have enhanced their self-esteem and are now are achievers in every domain – of which some of them were considered to be the men’s domains.

Today they are in aviation as pilots, police wings, army, IT, architecture, engineering, product design, fashion design, graphic design, music, writing, painting, interior design, radio, TV, film direction, film production, sports. The woman now has also gone into spaceships. In essence, they have transcended the limits.

The personality of an achiever woman today

Achiever woman today has enhanced her self-esteem. She has redesigned her personality with the changing times. She is confident and positive in attitude. She can now deal with the world. Her emotional make up is more enhanced. She is also more concerned about her look that matches, compliments in image – in Sarees, dresses and also in jewellery and accessories. She is in the profession, in business. She manages companies, even globally, manages teams, people.

She is internet savvy, she communicates well in meetings and emails and presentations. She is the woman in the new age.

The womanhood yet continues

Today the woman is a house maker. While the woman today has taken up several responsibilities- she has not forgotten her role and womanhood. She is still the parent’s beloved daughter, a kind sister, astute wife, a caring mother. The family, husband, children, senior, old people in the family is always her key consideration.

The strength of a woman

Physiology and psychology appreciates the patience and the strength of the woman. This is her unique attribute that makes her an achiever.

The gender factor

Why there is a gender difference- when it comes to performance- women are working equally well as men. On woman’s day let us look ahead positively about this factor

Women’s sense of art and beauty- a choosy connoisseur

Look at all women- nature has given then the aesthetic sense. They have an intrinsic sense of color schemes, fabrics, which look graceful.. They know what compliments their look and the role. Every woman wants to enhance her beauty- which every woman has! A sensible woman knows the secret to make it, celebrate it- get appreciated for it!

Swapngandha collection of Paithani for the achiever woman

A woman’s wardrobe is her chosen collection. She does analyze the colors, fabrics, motifs and also how the saree or dress looks on her.

Swapnagandha offers the range for the achiever woman, the contemporary woman. The range is based on original paithani, yet it has been given The borders and the mix of contemporary. It has silk, Sico silk range in bright blue, leaf green, crimson, pink and also in grey colors

It also has a range of jazzy, subtle and pastel kurtis. There are dresses in equally vivid colors.

All this can be matched with the paithani clad accessories that are purses, sling bags and even mobile pouches for the modern woman. The color schemes can be matched with sarees or dresses.

To top it all you can match the whole attire with jewellery that boasts of a rustic look- earrings, necklaces with pendants and more.

Today the woman is an achiever- yet the sense and sensibility of a woman continue- because she is the woman, in the first place and blessed by nature certain unique attributes the role. Every woman ought to know it – and balance the work-home life, logic, and emotion both.

Swapnagandha collection celebrates the choice of women who prefer the unique look of their dreams. Now it is a special occasion for it’s her day!

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