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An Invitation To The Choosy Women In Pune – Swapnagandha Collections Paithani Products Sale

Every woman at any age is keen on her looks and presentation- her attire,  hairstyle, makeup, jewellery etc.

The entire fashion design world tries to attract the attention of fashion lover women every season. Since history, the designers in dresses, sarees, jewelry have established the trends, for decades. Amongst these, the unique trend, in the pattern, fabric, and motifs have stood the test of time – and is still Maharashtrian women’s favourite is Paithanis.

Well, Pune is the city that boasts of several places for shopping- for women- whether it is sarees or dresses or jewellery. Pune is also the city known for the connoisseur, choosy women- of designs, fabrics, fashion trends and also the value they get. They all have one dream in common- to own a paithani in life.

Swapngandha collection a well known offline store in Pune and online store of Paithanis, designer Paithani dresses, and Paithani accessories and ethnic yet contemporary jewelry.

The collection is authentic Paithanis- the designs follow the original Paithani look, the fabric- yet the contemporary feel for the modern woman. The store brings you a fascinating opportunity for all design-loving women.

The exhibition and sale offers a unique collection on display-

  • Paithani sarees

The Maharani paithani, pure silk, sico silk, kanjivaram silk and even nine yard paithani is also on display. The colors are Indian vegetable dyes in Scarlet, Leaf green, golden yellow color. The borders are broad, the variant is Mahalaxmi border.

  • Kurtis

The exhibition has a marvelous collection of Kurtis for the modern woman. It includes Chanderi silk, border work, sico silk, irkal silk paithani kurtis in vivid colors you can match with what you feel.

  • Dresses

The collection offers dresses, skirts. Mhalsa Paithani crop top and skirt. There is also irkal silk and sico silk maxi pattern. Shelas and dupattas are also made with Paithani are on display. Paithani jackets are also in different colors.

  • Paithani accessories

The unique innovative collection from Swapngandha- paithani accessories. It offers gracefully paithani clad notebooks with borders. They come in different colors of Paithani and with borders.

There is a collection of sling bags– with traditional motifs of peacock and flowers. Also, mobile pouches for the modern woman are available in colors to match your attire.Purses- every woman’s key accessory- she also wants it to match her attire. There is for the first time a collection of paithani purses.

  • Jewellery

The The collection has designs of earrings and necklaces you will not see elsewhere. There is Afgan oxidized jhumka, Afgan tribal party earrings, and classy designer jhumka all in silver. There is a peacock gold jhumka. Also, the unique piece is Maharashtrian nath.

Also, there is handmade jewellery in blue, red, tri color beads and rustic pendant.There is a multicolour nose ring for the festive occasions- in pink color, white color stone. The ring is also in pearl beads.

All this goes to the most precious ornament of the woman- the mangalsutra. The designer variety offers multicolor diamond mangalsutra.

Swapngandha collections- known for its astute design acumen and authenticity of the unique, traditional queen of sarees- Paithanis.It has while maintaining its originality, gone further to infuse the contemporary element.

The exhibition and sale is at the venue that is in the most convenient locale- at Prabhat road , on weekend- from 21 till 23rd Feb 2020.

A thing of beauty is to be cherished always- so is the Paithani that is waiting for your selection!

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